What are the Best Ways to Curb Appetite and Control Your Cravings?

What are the Best Ways to Curb Appetite and Control Your Cravings?

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Are you looking for ways to control your cravings? You’re not alone.

This post answers the popular question, “How can I curb my hunger?”

Cravings are characterized by a strong and intense type of hunger for a special class of foods. Many people today spend a lot on sugar, junk food, and other forms of sweet things.

From chocolate, drinks, to fast foods, men, women and youths can hardly curbs their appetite. In fact, people encounter problems with losing weight when they have late night cravings or other forms of strong hunger.

Now, there’s no denying the fact that food cravings are sometimes a temptation that a dieter has to fight. We understand that you need help with curbing your hunger.

So, this post shares valuable tips to help you control your hunger and achieve your health fitness goals.

What Causes Food Cravings?

Food cravings are often uncontrollable hunger desires which can last for 3-5 minutes. Usually, people with a craving problem tend to crave foods with high fat, salt, and sugar content.

Such foods provide an extra level of sweetness and satisfaction which hardly come from eating fruits and vegetables, for example.

Here’s something MedicalNewsToday found out:

Cravings are sometimes a consequence of hormonal imbalance. Besides this fact, the brain regions which account for pleasure and reward can also trigger food cravings.

Late night craving, for instance, is common in pregnant women and this can be traced to hormonal changes.

In some people, cravings come as an addiction to food or the idea of eating.

Another major cause of food cravings is the need to find comfort in food as a result of stress or depression.

All of these reasons account for the strong desire to eat processed foods and other junk foods including cheese, soda, and chocolate among others.    


How Can You Reduce Sugar Cravings?

Before you discover ways to reduce sugar cravings, let’s talk about why you crave sugar.

4 Reasons you Crave Sugar

  • From birth, human beings prefer the sweet taste of sugar to the bitter or sour taste of medicines.
  • Additionally, carbohydrates (the class sugar belongs to) stimulate the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that encourages excitement and happiness.
  • The more sugar you take, the more you desire. If you decide to take a juice to quench your thirst, you may end up desiring more juice. Your brain loves the presence of sugar; hence, it’ll spur you to reward yourself with more sweet food.
  • Sugar equally encourages the release of endorphins, a nerve-calming brain chemical. Such relaxation gives the body a quick way out when stressed or burned out.

Are there other reasons why you think you crave sugar? Add them to this list.

8 Methods to Reduce Cravings

It’s not enough to determine to want to stop sugar cravings. You must act if you would really break the sugar addiction or overconsumption.

Note that sugar isn’t bad in itself. However, the high consumption is the problem. Americans, for example, have been advised to take a maximum of 6 teaspoons (women) and 9 teaspoons (men) of added sugar.

So, how can you curb your desire for sugar and sweet things?


  • Choose More Protein over Carbohydrate

Eating more proteins will help you to crave less carbs. How does this work?

Studies have shown that proteins have a way of giving you satisfied and full so that you don’t feel the need to overeat or eat at odd times.

Equally, foods with higher protein content reduce the desire to grab a snack outside your ideal meal time.

  • Chew Peppermint Gum 

While chewing gum may sound like a trivial idea, it is an excellent way to control your cravings.

Peppermint gum has been proven to help people decrease their cravings and gain a higher level of self-control where food is concerned.

  • Don’t Wait till You’re Very Hungry

Many times, people deal with cravings because they don’t respond quickly to their brain’s signal to get food.

Being very hungry, therefore, results in grabbing the fastest food which usually is a snack, yogurt, or coke.

You can avoid such sugar cravings if you eat as soon as you feel hunger and eat high-protein meals.   


  • Drink Water

Have you tried drinking water when you felt hungry?

Yes, it’s true that people confuse thirst with hungry. However, one reliable method for hunger and cravings control is to drink a glass of water whenever you feel hunger pangs.

If the hunger goes away, then it was just your body telling you to get hydrated.

No doubt, water has benefits including improving blood circulation, aiding weight loss, and increasing the metabolic rate among others.   

  • Maintain a Meal Routine

When you plan your meals, you’re likely to reduce your options for sweet foods. Planning your meal and following the routine helps you to be disciplined with cravings. 

  •  Control Your Mind

Since the desire for sugar begins in the brain and goes into the mind, you can control your mind.

Anytime your mind presents the picture of a sweet food, refuse to focus on it or replace it with something healthy.

By exercising control over your mind, you can enjoy more control over what you put into your mouth.

  • Eat Healthy Meals

Another brilliant way to control cravings is to eat whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. Such healthy food will provide your body’s requirement for nutrients and keep you healthy.

Nuts and grains will also go a long way, as you can use them as substitutes for chocolates or processed foods.

  • Get Food Cravings Supplements

Supplements are also valuable when you’re working on curbing your appetite.

While they may not stop the hunger entirely, they reduce the intensity at which you feel the need to eat. 

Saffron Extract, for example, is a popular slimming product which helps to reduce your food cravings and aid weight loss.

It’s available in easy-to-swallow-vegetarian capsules which suppress appetite and stimulate weight loss without any harmful fat burners.

Take Home

What you’ve read in this post shows you that it’s possible to curb you appetite. You can control your cravings without breaking the bank or going through strenuous exercises.

Include the eight tips above and you’ll be well on the way to looking and feeling fit.

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Stephanie A. Hall
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I noticed quite the difference compared to some of the other brands I've used.

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