Health Benefits of Saffron

1. Tradition


Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the Crocus sativus Linnaeus. Saffron has been known as a spice for over 3000 years, and originated in Southwest Asia. Saffron grows in Iran, India, Azerbaijan, England, Switzerland, New Zealand, Morocco, Spain, France, and the United States, with Iran ranked first, thanks to the large size of its growing saffron.


2. Prestige

Saffron is considered the world’s most expensive spice, due to its complex production process. Saffron, as noted, is derived from dried stigmata of the cultural turmeric flower. Each of these flowers has only three stigmata. In practice, the production of one kilogram of saffron requires about 100,000 to 170,000 flowers. The flower collection is performed manually and with extra care. The bottom line is that producing a single kilogram of saffron involves dozens of hours of work, which turns saffron into the world’s most expensive herb.

3. Diet

In recent years, studies examining the benefits of saffron have shown that saffron is effective in suppressing appetite, reduces eating habits caused by emotional factors, reduces compulsive eating, and suppresses diarrhea.



The discoveries about the high effectiveness of the saffron diet as a means of weight loss soon led to the creation of one of the most popular Western diets: the saffron diet. The diet is based on a saffron extract that gives a feeling of fullness in the body. As a result of the feeling of fullness, the level of serotonin increases. And with the increase in serotonin, the appetite decreases and overall mood becomes positive, contributing to the success of slimming efforts. Studies of the effectiveness of the saffron diet have shown that saffron extract reduces cravings for sweetness, improves mood, reduces appetite, relieves stress, energizes, promotes weight loss, and helps maintain new weight gains.

4. Recommendations of experts

Dr. Oz, the famous U.S. television doctor who is considered the most popular dieting guide in modern times, claims that saffron is highly effective for dieting because it raises serotonin levels in the brain, suppresses appetite and improves overall mood. Dr. Oz emphasizes that positive mood is an important component in weight loss, because when the general feeling is positive, emotional eating habits, which are characteristic of poor moods, are drastically reduced. Emotional eating is a product of sadness, irritation, and even boredom, and is characterized by an unbridled consumption of carbohydrates and sweets. In recent years, emotional eating has been recognized as one of the key factors in the global obesity epidemic. The effect of saffron on reducing emotional eating directly leads to slimming, and because of this, the saffron diet is one of Dr. Oz’s great favorites.

5. Results of the studies

A recent study examined the effect of saffron diet on a group of participants divided into two groups. One group received a supplement containing saffron extract, while the other group received a placebo. The first group showed a significant reduction in appetite and cravings for sweetness, while in the second group there was no significant change in feelings. In the test, the first group was able to shed excess pounds, while the second group did not experience significant weight loss. In another study in which a group of participants received a saffron supplement and a parallel group received a placebo supplement, a similar effect was observed. The following findings were presented at the end of the study:

– Among the participants who received the original saffron supplement, there was a 55% reduction in the rate of cannabis compared with only 28% in the placebo group.

– Among those who received the original saffron supplement, there was an 84% decrease in hunger between meals. The placebo group, on the other hand, reported a decrease of only 52%.

– Among those who received the original saffron supplement, there was a 78% drop in cravings for sweets, while the placebo group had a 46% reduction.

6. The health benefits of saffron

Saffron is not just for dieting! In addition to its distinctive aroma and flavor, saffron has proven to be effective over the years in treating a wide range of health problems. Among other things, studies have shown that saffron is effective for relieving pain, relieving asthma, relieving heartburn, reducing fever, and addressing a wide range of other symptoms. Saffron is traditionally known as an antidepressant, promotes blood circulation, stimulates, prevents insomnia, relieves the digestive process, and is found to be an excellent antioxidant.

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