How to Suppress Hunger and Lose Weight Fast

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loose-weightAre you trying to control your appetite and lose weight fast? Then you need to learn how to suppress hunger and manage cravings.

A lot of people find it hard reducing their daily calorie intake. Sadly, this boils down to an increased appetite and excessive eating.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals in little to no time, you must learn how to deal with hunger pangs. Also, you need to discover the best foods to eat to prevent feeling hungry too often.

This post discusses the solutions you need to eat less and get more from your diets while still being successful with your health goals.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day. Hence, when you skip breakfast, you prevent your body from gathering the amount of nutrients it needs for the day’s dose of energy.

Now, it’s true that hunger pangs are usually intense when you skip meals, especially breakfast. You often get forced to snack or consume junk food during the day.

To address this appetite problem, consider eating a healthy breakfast filled with high-protein foods such as oily fish and eggs.

When you have more proteins in your first meal for the day, you aren’t likely to get hungry. Now, the additional point here is that when you’re focused on losing weight, a protein-rich breakfast will reduce weight but maintain your muscle size.

Interestingly too, research has found that protein meals suppress hunger and keep you satisfied for a longer period. Besides, protein boosts metabolism and provides the most nutrients for weight loss.

Don’t Believe Every Stomach Pain is a Sign of Hunger

Stomach pain is often an indicator of hunger. We readily take the slightest pain we feel in our tummy to be the invitation for food.

But have you considered the possibility that the pain you feel signals something else?

For instance, if you eat enough food and drink sufficient liquid, but the pain persists, you might just be dealing with a gastrointestinal disorder.

Consult a physician immediately to diagnose the problem and treat it as soon as possible.

fiber-rich-foodEat More High-Fiber Food

High-fiber foods are considered as natural suppressants for hunger. Yes, there are supplements and pills to help you curb hunger. But you can also increase your intake of foods such as whole grains, chia seeds, beans, and almonds.

According to research, high-fiber foods aid weight loss since they stay in the body for a longer period. These fiber foods release hormones which stimulate fullness and improve your general health.

Vegetables are equally important because they provide your body’s daily nutrient requirement.

food-spicesAdd More Spices to Your Food

Studies have found that ginger leads to loss of appetite and reduces hunger to a large extent. In fact, adding ginger powder to your food makes you feel fuller and increase metabolism.

Other spices you should use include cayenne, curry, hot peppers, and turmeric. The aroma of these spices works magic on the appetite, ensuring that you feel decreased appetite while still getting the right amount of food and nutrients for your body’s optimal performance.

Make Solids your Main Meal

Compared to liquid foods, solids produce a higher level of satisfaction and hunger control. Liquid foods contain liquid calories and they usually get digested quicker.

The result of this on the appetite is that you might feel hungry before your regular meal time.

However, with solids, you do more chewing which informs the brain that you’re approaching (or you’ve approached) fullness.

No doubt, masticating goes a long way in reducing hunger pangs and keeping you away from food longer.

drink-waterDrink Water Before Any Meal

Another natural method for suppressing hunger is drinking water before meals. When you drink water before you eat, you reduce the quantity of food you can eat at a time.

Also, the fullness feeling gradually encourages weight loss so that the smaller portion of food fixes your hunger sufficiently.

Apart from creating a feeling of fullness, water also aids quick digestion. Thus, the second benefit here is that your meal digests faster and your calorie intake is controlled.

When the brain suspects that you’re filled, it’ll prevent you from eating too much, except you’re all out to stuff your tummy and lose your comfort.

sleepSleep for 7-8 Hours

Eating late at night is not the only reason why people sleep poorly. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re likely to feel hungrier than normal.

To suppress hunger and boost your weight loss chances, try getting enough quality sleep. Studies also support this fact, proving that people who sleep for less than six hours get reduced fullness from their breakfast.

Apart from the fact that sleep allows your body to heal and repair stressed muscles, it enables you to prepare for the new day.

In essence, getting quality sleep will reduce how frequently you eat and increase the satisfaction you feel after food.

Manage Stress the Right Way

The stress hormone, cortisol, increases when you’re burned out. And when cortisol levels are high, your hunger levels also increase.

To keep your hunger in check, consider relaxation techniques such as yoga and deep breathing. They would enable you to deal with hunger pangs and reduce food cravings.


Use Hunger Supplements

Supplements such as Saffron Extract helps to suppress hunger and improve weight loss. As a matter of fact, this fat burner is a natural, healthy way to lose weight.

It is caffeine-free and easy to swallow. So you don’t necessarily have to feel like you’re swallowing a pill.

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We know how difficult suppressing hunger can be. Yet, it’s possible.

With the nine appetite strategies above, you can learn to control your hunger and achieve your weight loss goals. Whether you choose natural suppressants or supplements, you can learn to deal with hunger pangs easily.

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