5 facts about saffron

5 facts about saffron

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Saffron is recognized as a luxury spice, but apart from its unique aroma in the kitchen, saffron has many virtues. Taking it as a food supplement can affect your physical and mental state. Naturopath Yelena Kaminsky offers five facts about saffron’s special qualities:

1. Natural Depression Treatment –

Saffron contains the active ingredients crocin, picrocrocin and safranal. These components contribute to the inhibition of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin uptake. In studies that examined saffron activity compared to antidepressants, it was found to have the same effect, with no side effects or fear of addiction.

2. Relief of Pre-menstrual Syndrome –

Hormonal changes that characterize the pre-menstrual period can be accompanied by mental fatigue, irritability and melancholy. Saffron’s attributes can provide an effective response to female suffering during this period, thanks to the reduction of symptoms and mood changes.

3. Anxiety Reduction –

The active substances in saffron enhance the activity of neurotransmitters that prevent over-activity in the brain that characterizes anxiety states. In addition, they strengthen the body’s mental strength and help cope with high stress levels over time.

4. Postpartum Depression Reduction –

In postpartum depression treatment studies, we compared women treated with Prozac with women treated with natural saffron, and the results showed the same improvement in both groups in their mental state.

5. Sleep improvement –

Thanks to its unique virtues, saffron helps to soothe the body so it can get a deep and high-quality sleep. Such sleep, which is essential for proper and optimal functioning throughout the day, is a long-term goal in the demanding modern age.


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